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Pink Balls and Inmails

The first day-night Test match in England provided apt background entertainment for my evenings last week. Whilst filtering through job boards, scrolling through LinkedIn, the occasional Facebook video, and composing the odd e-mail, I had the appealing option to watch an exciting game of cricket, in which England were the victors inside 4 days. Many blog & social media posts surrounding recruitment recently, have been directed towards whether or not, recruitment is changing, and if so, how and why.

The way in which it is (or isn’t) changing is a question for another blog post. There are however, fundamentals that I have found to be particularly successful in my recruitment career so far. All of which can be applied to the sport of cricket, and how this has been so successful through the ages:

  • Find a formula that works for you, and stick to it. When it comes to planning your day, or even the general recruitment process, you need to understand yourself and what works best for you and your market. England made just 1 change in 5 tests in their famous Ashes triumph in 2005.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new. Just like Test Cricket has tried the day-night test to evolve with it’s changing audience, so has the recruitment landscape. You won’t know until you try it.
  • Work hard. It will take time, it will be hard, it will get harder, and even harder than that, as some of our top order batsmen have found settling into a difficult competitive world needs patience and tenacity. Keep working hard, the rewards will come. No one will reach their potential, unless they really unlock their true work ethic.

Although there are many cases and blogs suggesting the recruitment world is changing, there are processes that, if stuck to, will still result in a successful career. But at the same time, like cricket, one should never be afraid to test the waters with something new. Because we may be seeing the dawn of a new era of cricket for the better, could we also be seeing the dawn of a new era for recruitment?

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